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Amurican ( Moorish) Nation Permanent Mission

Olden Ones and Ancient Ones
:Survey-Referral: Department
Moorish Nationals proposals and projects
Transportation Department (Gusumment)
Economic Department ( Gasumment)
Science Department ( Gasumment)
Court Cases Report
Education Department
Nativity Fill in the Form / Know thyself
Autochthon Assignment page
Affirmation By Nationals / Becoming A Contractor
Health Department ( Gasumment )
Media Department (Gasumment)
Historian/Researcher Department ( Gasumment )
Music Department
Olden Ones and Ancient Ones
Our Purpose
XI-Hau Mandate




Respect to all the ensigns of the olden ones.............................

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Mahalaws Yamassee
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We cal on all CARBON / MELANINATED, NUBIAN,  Indigenous (Muurs) People to endorse the She People(Muurs) and contribute time, resources and funds to help organize this important undertaking. To participate in the MelaninBase's organizing process, all Indigenous Muurs contact Mr. Ankh @ 1-614-568-3733 Thank you for visiting our web site. We encourage to fill in the surveys daily, wekly , monthly until our goals are met , if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a part of our organization.